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The Internet is A Messed Up Place

A comedy web-series for, by and about the internet, Found Viral follows the misadventures of two bickering best friends who set out to make rent money by staging viral videos.


The Ravishing Responder

In the series premiere, Stu (Steve Hobbs) and Anthony (Oliver Georgiou) are stuck in a dead-end job. Stu's real passion of watching funny YouTube videos, inspires the boys to make a parody viral video of a large breasted internet celebrity. But can the boys trick their attractive neighbor into helping them while avoiding the ire of her menacing husband?

Jerry Fucks It Up

After deciding that the internet loves drug videos, the boys decide to intoxicate someone for their next viral hit. What could possibly go wrong when they lure their old friend with alcoholic tendencies into appearing in their drunken exploitation video?


The stakes are raised when the boys realize that they don’t have the money to pay their rent. Stu decides the real money is in slapstick comedy and goes about making a painful compilation video at the expense of Anthony’s job hunt, and well-being.

Botch Job Interview

The boys’ landlord, Mort Hozen (Deejay Dayton), comes seeking payment of their late rent. Finally, Anthony gets a serious job interview, but when Stu sees the opportunity to film a candid camera prank video, Anthony loses his cool.

Cutest Wittle Kitty Snuggles, Bird, Dog, Love

With Stu busy at his new job, the boys decide they need to get an intern, Arthur (Brandon Hackett). When their newest video attempts to cash in on the internet’s love for cats and other cute animals, the animal orgy gets them into hot water with their landlord, as well as their neighbours, Rich and Linda.

Pathetic Diva Rejects Fail

The boys find a new intern in the beautiful and mysterious So Young (Jessie Yang). To film some singing “fails” they hold an audition for a fake musical based on their misadventures with their old friend, Jerry.

Psycho Landlord Pervs Out

Desperate to keep their apartment, the boys try to use their landlord’s attraction to So-Young against him. But how far are they willing to go? And what would So-Young do for Found Viral?

Horrible Fates: The Sex Trade Abduction of Rainbow-So

After watching an exploitive internet news show called Missing Links, the boys decide to make their own version. But they may have crossed the line when they decide to portray So Young as a missing, drug addled, child prostitute. If they hadn't gone far enough, the guys also blackmail their landlord.

Shady Brawlers Run Amok in Queen's Park Riot!

The landlord give into the boys’ demands, but their troubles aren’t over. After further alienating their neighbours, Anthony is at the end of his rope, and what starts as improvised fun in the park results in disaster.

So Young Last Seen Alive

The boys receive an ominous video about the whereabouts of So Young. The stakes are raised when internet reporter Cheryl Grace of Missing Links knocks on their door.

So Young Last Seen Alive

The boys close in on finding So Young. As they head north to Gravenhurst, So Young’s future, and the future of Found Viral, lies in the balance.


Drunk Farmer Tries to Light Pig on Fire

My stupid sister and pa been fightin again. Things got frightenin for Mr. Tingles. Poor pot bellied pig's been through hell. One a these days pa's gonna get em.

Dumbass Marty Tweaking

Our stupid friend Marty tripping balls.

Smackathon Top 10's Smack of the Week: RAP BATTLE FAIL!!

The SMACK of the week: a loser white boy fall SMACK!! He's gonna need some ice, some vanilla ice!!

Kitty Cat Hugs and Da Kitty Wittle Rap (SOOO CUTE)

Mithter Wil' Shnuggle Face was SOOO CUTE today! He was rapping and laid down some fly beats LOL #adorable

Horrible Diva Sings Beautiful Toronto

My idiot sister singing Beautiful Toronto horribly, she think she's good - what a joke.

ReplyBabe Re: Drunken Farmer Tries to Light Pig on Fire

Today I saw a video that was disgusting and it made me very sad and sick. A drunken farmer in Kentucky fought with his daughter because he is a drunk driver and she don't like his behaviour. I don't care if my daughter ties my keys to her little piggy. I don't light that pig on fire, so this is my reply for the hour.

My Crazy Drunk Landlord Gets Busted

My landlord showed up drunk and caused a huge scene, even scared my wife. Thankfully the cops shows up in time so that I could finally bust him.

Missing Links: Sherman Lipowitz AKA The Snuckler

Missing Links investigates the bizarre new street drug, Snuckle Dust, and its effect on today's youth, as Cheryl Grace reports on the tribulations of a recovering Snuckler.

The Wacky Doodles Make A Scene

Why hello they say, a very good day! For a wacky pic-a-nic! On Tuesday we dine, by the trees made of pine! What a wacky pic-a-nic!! Come along friends for a mishceivious romp around the grass with your triumvirate hosts, the Wacky Doodles. A wig-wam-hwoe!!!

Missing Links: The Mysterious Disappearance of Eun Jung Mee

Missing Links reports on bizarre developments in Toronto's growing sex trade, as Cheryl Grace investigates the abduction conspiracy of Korean immigrant, Eun Jung Mee.

Found Virals

The Ravishing Responder RE: Drunk Farmer Tries to Light Pig on Fire

What a world we have today where pigs light farmers on fire and farmers light pigs on fire. I am simply revolted at the torture of cute little pigs by farmers now-and-days. And so I will reply every half hour.

Jerry Fucks It Up

Our idiot pal Jerry fucks it right up.


This top 3 is the fuckin funneist shit you'll puke laughing and die! Smackstick gold!

Botch Job Interview

Look at this stupid idiot trying to get a job. Watch him CHOKE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Cutest Wittle Kitty Snuggles, Bird, Dog, Love

The CUTEST shit happened today! Our birds and cats and dogs were all rapping around - a little hip hop. Our landlord was so mad!

Pathetic Diva Rejects Fail

Check out these morons auditioning for a great new musical. Hear them fail. You ears will drip bloody wax... enjoy!

Psycho Landlord Pervs Out

My landlord is a bad landlord. He's been flaunting his perversions in our faces for months. And I hope somebody sees this and brings him to justice! Watch him abuse this young girl. He makes the whole neighborhood sick.

Shady Brawlers Run Amok in Queen's Park Riot!

Insane fight breaks out in public park!! Zany shit!!!

The Titillating Thompsons

Everyone's favorite nudist couple, the Ravishing Respondor and her manboy-slave, up to their old shirtless, dong-danglin' tricks.

Horrible Fates: The Sex Trade Abduction of Rainbow-So

Horrible Fates gets the lowdown on Toronto's growing sex trade through an investigative report on the disappearance of immigrant turned street whore, Rainbow-So.


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